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Introduction and History of Prayer Beads

The practice of fingering beads while praying or meditating is ancient and widespread. Using prayer beads first came into general use in India in the 8th century B.C. among Hindus who used malas to keep track of the mantras they recited. Hindu beads consist of 108 beads plus one with a tassel. The number of Mala beads corresponds to the number of earthly desires to be overcome in order to reach nirvana. Muslims also use beads for counting the names or attributes of Allah. 

Early Christians took pebbles from one bag and inserted them into another as a means of counting their simple prayers. Later the 150 psalms were used as devotions by monks. Since learning 150 psalms was difficult for the illiterate, the "Our Father" and the "Hail Mary" eventually became the standard prayers for the beads. The "Hail Mary" was grouped in decades and one "Our Father" was assigned to lead the ten beads. Ten was a good number as each person has ten fingers to count and Christians recognize the Ten Commandments. 

Pope Pius the V officially noted St. Dominic as the originator of the modern rosary. Dominicans today still make the Catholic rosary which consists of 2250 beads for the "Hail Mary" with fifteen separator beads used for the "Our Father" and three or four beads for the "Glory Be To the Father." The name rosary came from "rosarium" as a rose garden was used for prayer in medieval times. During the Reformation, Protestants eliminated the rosary.

Over two-thirds of the world's population employs prayer beads as part of their religious practices.  Prayer beads can have a variety of forms and meanings, but the basic purpose is to assist in reciting and counting specific prayers or incantations.

What Are Divinity Beads?

Divinity Beads are a powerful asset for meditation, stress reduction, mindfulness practice. Advanced practices include clearing old programming, habits, patterns, blockages, expanding consciousness and awareness, harmonizing and integrating energy systems and your multidimensional Self. 

Each strand, bracelet or necklace of Divinity Beads is handmade while meditating on the highest and best qualities and energies of humanity and Divinity. Each is a unique one-of-a-kind work of art to be used by seeks of the divine within themselves and in life. The beads stimulate the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies for transformation according to the wearer's consciousness. Wearing and holding these beautiful Divinity Beads provides a visual, tactile and energetic focus of attention while the user repeats prayers, mantras, affirmations or statements of intention.

The Basic Divinity Bead Program accompanies each set of Divinity Beads. The Basic Program gives information and suggestions regarding "how to use" the beads and gives a sample meditation for use with the Divinity Beads. Additional Divinity Bead Programs providing meditations on specific topics are available for purchase. Divinity Beads are available as STRANDS, BRACELETS, NECKLACES or SASHES/BELTS in these formats: BASIC DIVINITY BEADS, CHAKRA DIVINITY BEADS, YIN-YANG DIVINITY BEADS  and  COSMIC DIVINITY BEADS. 

Your Divinity Beads!

You can order a set of Divinity Beads and Divinity Bead Programs to suit your personal needs. Certain combinations of stones and metals are more enhancing for individuals based on their Feng Shui Flying Stars, their Astrological Chart, their Life Circumstances, etc.

Call or email to receive details and pricing to order the perfect set of Divinity Beads for yourself or as a priceless gift for another!


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