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Introduction and History of Pendulums

Pendulums were used by ancient persons such as Solomon, Sheba, Cleopatra and others who employed pendulumists who practiced the science of radiesthesia. The science of Radiesthesia was well known in Ancient Egypt, especially to the Pharaoh, his men and the priests in the temples. It was a sacred and secret science. Today, pendulums are more widely used by psychologists, hypnotists and individuals to create a link of communication with the subconscious mind and other sources to gather information considered forgotten or unknown. When skilled in ESP, the pendulum can be used to connect with energies and intelligence beyond the physical dimension.

What Makes a Pendulum Work?

Tiny muscles in your fingertips are connected to centers of the brain. These motor centers are affected by various energies causing the tiny muscles in your fingers to respond by moving the pendulum in an ideomotor response. The pendulum becomes a link to the energies to which you are attuned. Using a pendulum to find information is called "dowsing." Dowsing means to search with the aid of a hand-held instrument such as a forked stick or a pendular bob on the end of a string, for anything, such as subterranean water, oil or a vein of mineral ore, a buried sewer pipe or electrical cable, a missing person, ship or airplane,  a lost wallet or pet, a buried treasure. Dowsing is used to help with physical problems. 

Everyone has had the experience of feeling uncomfortable in a room of people who all appear acceptable.  Since we exist in a sea of energies and we are a blend of energies ourselves, we feel uncomfortable when in the presence of energy that may be out of sync or resonance to ours. As our energy system detects this dissonance, we experience discomfort. The person with the incompatible energies usually appears acceptable, but  the incompatible energies are registered deep within and communicated to us via the nervous system. Our systems operate as our cosmic computer. Some believe the higher, broader intelligence or spirit is communicating through the nervous system via the pendulum, which in turn interprets the meaning of the signals through codes set up between your conscious and subconscious mind. Your unconscious mind stores thoughts and memories invisible to your conscious mind. Using a pendulum can connect you with your hidden truths and memories.

What are Divinity Pendulums?

Divinity Pendulums are a powerful tool for discerning the energies and their properties - the information that energies carry. The Divinity Pendulums are designed to optimize and integrate the energies of the pendulumist with the energies focused upon for answers or information. Advanced pendulumists can  clear old programming, habits, patterns, blockages, expand consciousness and awareness, harmonize and integrate energy systems and your multidimensional Self using the Divinity Pendulum.

The Basic Divinity Pendulum Program accompanies each Divinity Pendulum. The Basic Program gives information and suggestions regarding "how to use" the pendulum and gives a attunement method for use with the Divinity Pendulum. Additional Divinity Pendulum Programs providing attunements for specific topics are available for purchase.  


Customize Your Divinity Pendulum!

You can order a Divinity Pendulum and Divinity Pendulum Programs to suit your personal needs. Certain combinations of stones and metals are more enhancing for individuals based on their Feng Shui Flying Stars, their Astrological Chart, their Life Circumstances, etc.

Call or email to receive details and pricing to order the perfect Divinity Pendulum for yourself or as a priceless gift for another! 

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