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"The Greatest Degree of Love"

A Healing/Service Ministry

The Alliance of Divine Love Concept

The Alliance of Divine Love began long before you and I walked the earth - indeed - before the earth and universe were even formed. The entirety of creation is linked through Divine Love's relationship to, or alliance with, Itself. Love forever seeks greater degrees of Itself within Itself. Thus the beauty of each spring flower, each songbird melody, is formed...that Love may find Itself through creating beauty and joy within Itself. All the joy, peace and happiness you have ever felt is Divine Love. In creating you, It found one of Its greatest joys and now seeks to draw you "Ever Closer" to Itself. Its constant drawing of you nearer to Itself is called spiritual development. Through this process you will be led to happiness and degrees of Love beyond your wildest visions. The Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. was legally formed on earth to aid in Divine Love's process of mankind's spiritual development. It is a channel for workers and guides from the "Organization of Light" (called by many different spiritual names) to present higher teachings from realities beyond earth.

About A.D.L. Ministers

Ministers are certified only after completing training programs in counseling, teaching, healing, and personal spiritual development. Each candidate for ministerial status must complete both study and practical application programs. Full ministerial status is conferred only after from one to three years of satisfactory internship. Ministers with expertise in particular para-scientific areas must also have completed extensive development in their specialty in accordance with the affirmations in A.D.L.'s credo referring to the giving, receiving and sharing of God's true substance and nature through the use of tools of the spiritual sciences. Thus, Alliance of Divine Love ministers may use counseling, healing and psychic channels or other talent areas while serving others. However, those being counseled should note that the primary aim of every A.D.L. minister is to promote spiritual growth in, and through, Love. A.D.L. is a healing ministry; its ministers are trained spiritual counselors, teachers and healers. Therefore, the talent or gift used is not the focal point of the service rendered. A.D.L. ministers work only to enlighten and uplift souls and is truly a full-service /healing ministry.

About A.D.L. Spiritual Development Courses All Alliance of Divine Love ministers offer to those interested and aware members of the communities in which they serve a Self-awareness program of study. The materials for this consciousness awakening program are contained in a handbook of Spiritual Development entitled Ever Closer. This course introduces the student to the many levels of awareness that can be creatively tapped to ease the tension and stress of life in today's society.


The Alliance of Divine Love Credo


We affirm, that God is Love, that Love is the highest law of the universe, and that all other laws are subordinate.

We affirm, that all words of Perfect Love are words of God.

We affirm, that Love is the giving, receiving and sharing of God's true substance and nature, and that this giving, receiving and sharing of Love can be accomplished through the use of intuitive, psychic gifts, healing, astrology, and other related spiritual sciences and gifts.

We affirm, that God expresses His Love to mankind through spiritual-psychic phenomena, and that each individual may seek to expand and know themselves, God, and others in Love through the building of their own psychic-spiritual-intuitive perceptions and awareness.

We affirm, that God may be directly perceived by humankind through many methods of perception or spiritual gifts.

We affirm, that violence is not in accordance with Love, and we give our souls to the task of attaining both inner and outer peace.

We affirm, that death is a illusion, that life is eternal and that communication with souls who have shed the physical body is possible.

We affirm, that the Words of Love and Brotherhood in Christ and other Great Spiritual Teachers can be shared and taught and demonstrated to all mankind.  



Rev. Dr. Autymn Rene Allen

     In Depth Personal and Practical Spiritual Development Program
Ideal Training for Pastoral Counselors, Chaplains, Pastors, Ministers and 
Individuals Involved in Human Services

     Full Federal (IRS) and 50 State Recognized Ordination
Recognized in most Western Countries

     Perform Legal Weddings & Ceremonies
People of All Faith are Graduates and Alumni
All Rights and Privileges Afforded to Ministers and Clergy

     Automatic Access to Federal / IRS 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit Status
Major Tax Benefits

     Legal Protection for Spiritual Counseling, Healing and the Practice of 
Intuitive/Psychic Arts

Your Training Includes:

a.    Spiritual and Psychic Understanding and Development

b.    Counseling, Public Speaking, Ministerial Skills

c.     Metaphysical Understanding of the Bible

d.    Spiritual Healing and Meditation

e.    Sacred Divine Love Insight


As a Teaching Center for the Alliance of Divine Love, Inc., an internationally recognized ordination and education service, the Chapel of Infinite Possibilities presents ADL classes and The Ministerial Preparation series as an Inner-Faith personal spiritual development program which leads to ordination and access to non-profit status. The purpose of this program is to assist the candidate to unfold their inner awareness and spiritual commitment. Upon satisfactory completion of the coursework, the student receives legal ordination as an Alliance of Divine Love Minister, with all the responsibilities, privileges and blessings given this revered station. The Ministerial Preparation Program is a three part/book series and it can be accomplished at once or one part/series at a time.

SEMESTER 1 (Series I)  The first series is a 12-week study program EVER CLOSER. At the introductory stage, this class is taken as a spiritual awareness class or as a prerequisite to the ministerial class. The fee for this program is $290.00 for each student, which includes the cost of the textbook EVER CLOSER. This class is recommended for all spiritual seekers and students, regardless of their ministerial or ordination aspirations. (For correspondence students this Series fee is $315.00. The additional $25.00  covers mailing and processing costs.)

SEMESTER 2 (Series II): The second series is a 12-week study class EVEN CLOSER. The aim of this class is to guide each student to reach into the depths of Being. All exercises are geared toward ongoing spiritual growth and intensity of self-knowledge. This class is taken as a prerequisite for the ministerial or as a personal growth program. When taken for the Ministerial Program additional exercises and assignments are required in addition to the personal growth activities for each assignment. The fee for this series is $290.00 for each student and includes the cost of the textbook, EVEN CLOSER. This class is recommended for all spiritual students and seekers that have completed EVER CLOSER (Series I).  (For correspondence students this Series fee is $315.00. The additional $25.00  covers mailing and processing costs.)

SEMESTER 3, (Series III): Limited to candidates who have been accepted in the ministerial program, this final series is 14 weeks in duration. Candidates are required to have completed Series I Ever Closer and Series II Even Closer, providing a letter of verification from their instructors.

The main text is MINISTERIAL LESSONS supported with other selected readings. The fee for this semester/series is $290.00 which includes the main text, the study program, ordination fees, legal papers and processing fees. Graduation is marked with an Ordination Service. (For correspondence students this Series fee is $315.00. The additional $25.00 covers mailing and processing costs.)

Correspondence Studies allow students to pursue these courses at their individual own pace, however all classes must be completed within one year of beginning. Additional correspondence fees cover mailing and processing costs.

The Alliance Of Divine Love, Inc. offers this three series program as its mission to empower spiritual leaders, teachers, healers, counselors, students, and intuitives to do the work of the Holy Spirit. The goal of ADL is to keep the cost affordable, currently $825.00 single payment or $290.00 per course, to present a program that challenges students to be more closely aligned with the Spirit of God that is everywhere present. 

The Alliance of Divine Love Doctoral Program is also available to individuals who have become ordained ADL ministers. Call for details.

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