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Your Life as Art - Spiritual Journaling


L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© Training Workshops

Life Integration For Enlightenment, Equanimity, Empowerment & Enjoyment

Basic I, II & I II, 

Advanced I, II, III, IV




L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© Workshops

Life Integration For Enlightenment, Equanimity, Empowerment & Enjoyment

Money Intensives

Your Relationship with Money

Get switched ON to have money. 

Connect with the energies of manifestation & money. 

Change your frequencies regarding work, responsibility, giving & receiving money.


Money & Your Life Purpose

Resonate with the frequencies of freedom, creativity & play.

Explore, define & manifest your life purpose. 

Create your money foundation on all levels of your Being.


Design Your Money Blueprint

Are your money habits self-sabotaging? 

Re-define money habits - roles, giving, receiving, debt, acquisition, accumulation. 

Create your money plan.



Relationship Intensives

Dancing in RELATIONSHIPS Workshops

Relationships between men & women in business, friendship & romance have changed. Have you? Are you struggling to make them work? Put yourself on the frequencies that work in evolving relationships while gaining insight into the ways the opposite sex works!

  1. Structures of the Self
    Learn the structures making up You on all levels of Being: spiritual, mental, emotional & physical. Resonate with the optimal frequencies of each structure & integrate into your Being! 
  2. Relationship With the Self
    Put yourself on the frequencies to produce a healthy YOU! Self-respect, self-support, self-protection, self-realization & self-actualization are some of the frequencies necessary to becoming a fully functional Being!
  3. Relationships With Others
    Healthy relationships with others require balance of energies: caring, honesty, respect, intimacy, perspective. Put yourself on the frequencies to have healthy relationships with others!

Relationship with the Self 

  • Optimal Perspective, Perception of the Self
  • Structures of the Self
  • Love, Power & Self-Confidence
  • Self-Talk & Self-Support
  • Self-Respect & Self-Esteem
  • Self-Awareness & Self-Knowledge
  • Self-Protection & Self-Responsibility
  • Self-Realization & Self-Actualization
  • Masculine - Feminine Dynamics
  • Self-Integration
  • Dynamics of Manifestation

Relationships with Others 

  • Optimal Perspective, Perception of Others
  • Structures of the Self in Roles
  • Masculine - Feminine Dynamics
  • Self-Integration
  • Caring vs. Carrying
  • Honesty & Trust
  • Respect & Authority
  • Roles & Authenticity
  • Intimacy & Vulnerability
  • Millennium Marriage
  • Dynamics of Manifestation



HEALTH Workshops

  1. Body Systems & Conditions
    Optimize the frequencies operating each of your body systems & integrate their functioning on all levels for your optimal health!
  2. Body Weight & Size
    Resonate with the optimal frequencies of your physical body for communication, function, foundation, movement, balance & integration with your body for optimal weight & size!
  3. Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging
    Resonate with the optimal quality of life frequencies! Learn the processes that regenerate your Being on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional & physical. Rejuvenate your Being!


BUSINESS Workshops

Optimize the frequencies of your business: Mission, Plans, R & D, Production, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, etc. on all levels to produce results in the shortest amount of time!

L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© Training:  

Basic I, II & I II, 

Advanced I, II, III, IV


         Alliance of Divine Love Classes

EVER CLOSER - Explore who you are and your relationship to Divine Love  with this 10-week self-development course based on "the greatest degree of love." Discover new ideas and new ways of looking at yourself and your life empowering you to take responsibility to create what you consciously desire to have for yourself.

EVEN CLOSER - Continue your exploration of who you are and your relationship to Divine Love with a focus on your contributions to the world through this 11-week class. Pre-requisite: Ever Closer.

MINISTERIAL COURSE - A 14-week course to continue your exploration of your relationship as  Divine Love, to develop healing & counseling techniques and to support the creation of your personal ministry as an Alliance of Divine Love minister. Pre-requisites: EVER CLOSER, EVEN CLOSER, Application/Recommendation.

DOCTORATE OF DIVINITY IN METAPHYSICS & SPIRITUALITY - Based on Dr. Barb Selwa's new book: THE DOORWAY TO THE ULTIMATE SEEING: A Handbook of Higher Metaphysics, this program will be available NOW! Pre-requisites: EVER CLOSER, EVEN CLOSER, MINISTERIAL COURSE, good standing as an ADL minister, application, references. 

Independent Study is Available Any Time

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