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Rev. Dr. Autymn Renée Allen

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What is L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© ?

Life Integration For Enlightenment, Equanimity, Empowerment & Enjoyment

With L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© Your Conscious Intentions 

Rewire the Frequencies of your Energy Bodies!


©      Puts individuals ON the frequencies of their Conscious Intentions.

©      Eliminates Self-sabotaging patterns.

©      Assists individuals to create & take actions to manifest conscious goals.

©     Assists & supports individuals to focus to produce results more quickly.

©      Provides tools, support and structure to accomplish more.

L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© is a combination of consulting and therapy. The L.I.F.E. Coach assists the client in moving forward by discovering what the client really wants in life and by eliminating the self-sabotaging frequencies. Additionally, the L.I.F.E. Coach supports and directs the actions of the client to produce the results he chooses to have.

The technology of L.I.F.E.4 Coaching©  includes kinesiology, knowledge and intuition to identify the energy stresses causing the life-depleting responses which manifest as our pain and problems. L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© identifies current frequencies – the status quo. Once identified, energy blocks that are self-sabotaging can be eliminated and new energy patterns or paradigms created in their place.

L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© empowers the client to resonate with the new frequencies on all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, to achieve a balanced and integrated energy paradigm from which the client lives to produce the results they consciously choose.

The L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© framework includes healing energy techniques customized to each session by energy testing which techniques and/or combination of techniques are necessary to eliminate, optimize, energize or create the new frequencies for the client to resonate with.  Energy techniques include eye movements, color therapy, sound therapy, breath work, energy therapy, etc. used individually or in combination.   

Computer Software Analogy: All our energies make up our personal holographic paradigm from which we operate our lives. This paradigm of our Being consists of all our experiences, beliefs, emotions - all the patterns or programs from which we live. This paradigm is like a computer software program that operates the systems of our life. Unfortunately, some of the program commands sabotage what we are trying to achieve. L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© identifies the operations of your current software program -  the frequencies with which you are currently resonating. In keeping with your conscious goals and desires, you and your L.I.F.E. Coach determine what is to be changed or reprogrammed. Healing energy techniques are used to change your programming or frequencies on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, resulting in you resonating with the frequencies of your conscious intentions.

The purpose of L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© is to assist you in discovering what you really want in life and to support you to achieve those goals easier and faster with a mentor / teammate in your L.I.F.E. Coach. Your  L.I.F.E. Coach assists in the implementation of your new skills, transitions and goals to ensure that they are manifested. Your L.I.F.E. Coach is your teammate for creating and living the life you consciously choose.

L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© works because your weekly sessions focus on your conscious intentions. Synergy between you and your L.I.F.E. Coach stimulates momentum to reach your goals more quickly than working alone.  (Remember: wherever two or more are gathered, I am in the midst.) Better goals are created with your L.I.F.E. Coach. You develop new skills that translate into greater success. Your L.I.F.E. Coach supports and holds you accountable to take the actions to manifest what you say you want to achieve.

People hire a L.I.F.E. Coach because they want more - to become more as individuals and to have more out of life. When you make the commitment to work with your  L.I.F.E. Coach, you take yourself and your goals more seriously, you eliminate your self-sabotaging behaviors, you set higher goals with your L.I.F.E. Coach teammate and you stimulate momentum for easier results with your L.I.F.E. Coach.

L.I.F.E.4 Coaching©  Supports YOU To:

  1. Eliminate self-sabotaging patterns & place you in resonance with your Conscious Intentions.
  2. Set goals and direct your actions to manifest them.
  3. Align your time & energy with your true priorities.
  4. Create & maintain balance in your life.
  5. Make life transitions.
  6. Actively pursue and manifest your life purpose.
  7. Create satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.
  8. Find the meaning, purpose and direction beneath the decisions in your life.
  9. Become more aware, alive, authentic, passionate and excited about your life.

L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© is the result of many varied experiences in consulting by Rev. Dr. Autymn Renée Marie Allen, DDMS.  Dr. Allen is an ordained minister with the Alliance of Divine Love, a non-denominational spiritual healing and counseling ministry. She has a background in public education, educational publishing, sales and sales training, desktop publishing, multimedia, technical writing, hypnotherapy, holographic repatterning and numerous other energy and healing techniques. Autymn Renée is a sensitive intuitive for all levels of Being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. She has taught aspects of personal growth, spiritual development and energy techniques for over 15 years.  After having refined the L.I.F.E.4 Coaching© process, she began training others in 2002.