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Virtual Chakra Pilgrimage


Pilgrims throughout history have walked the path to St. James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in search of themselves and their God.

This Virtual Chakra Pilgrimage is designed to Empower Your 7 Major Body Chakras in the comfort of your own space.

In your own sacred space, you will immerse yourself in the energies of each site prior to a personal exploration of the energies of each of chakra.

With Each Sacred Site/Chakra You will Release Old, Discordant Energies,  Balance & Stimulate Optimal Energies for Integration of the Self Using a Variety of Healing Techniques: Guided Meditations, L.I.F.E.4 Coaching techniques (color, breath, tapping, toning, eye movements, body movements, etc.), Burning Bowl Ceremonies, Therapeutic Writing and Labyrinth Walking.


Santiago de Compostela - Root Chakra



Toulouse - Sacral Chakra 

Orléans - Solar Plexus Chakra

 Chartres - Heart Chakra

Paris - Throat Chakra

Amiens - Brow Chakra


London - Crown Chakra


Edinburgh - Soul Chakra

Energies of Ancient Sites to Empower Your Chakras !

Gather your materials prior to making the pilgrimage to each chakra site: Paper/Pen, Method for Burning (Fireplace, Fire Pit, etc.), Space for Movement Activities, & Drinking Water. 


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